Enhancing productive use of alluvial aquifers

Background papers

  • Water Harvesting for Upgrading of Rainfed Agriculture (Falkenmark et al. 2001)
  • The role of small scale sand dams in securing water supply under climate change in Ethiopia (Lasage et al. 2015)
  • The lower Mzingwane alluvial aquifer: managed releases, groundwater - surface water interactions and the challenge of salinity (Love et al. 2007)
  • A Water Balance Modelling Approach to Optimising the Use of Water Resources in Ephemeral Sand Rivers (Love et al. 2011)
  • Potential for sand dams to increase the adaptive capacity of East African drylands to climate change (Ryan and Elsner, 2016)
  • Multiple use of water and water productivity of communal small dams in the Limpopo Basin, Zimbabwe (Senzanje et al., 2008)