Enhancing productive use of alluvial aquifers


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Short announcements

October 2017 - A special session on alluvial aquifers during the 2017 WaterNet conference in Namibia was well attended! Sharing best practices and strengthening the emerging community of practice for enhancing rural livelihoods in arid Africa.


May 2017 - A4Lab Mozambique partners - among them local authorities of Quijá District, the NGOs Oxfam Mozambique, ADCR and Kulima, the Institute Superior Politécnica de Gaza - together with Tibor Stigter and Pieter van der Zaag of IHE Delft were supported by staff and the flying sensors of ThirdEye based in Xai Xai when making a first assessment of water availability in the dry river beds of the Limpopo near Chókwè. Many children enjoyed the distraction on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Many thanks Milton and Nadja den Besten!